Your dream holiday home for a fraction of the price!

For many owners of overseas properties a dream of holiday home often turns into a nightmare. When purchasing, they looked for lovely lifestyle in better climate, beautiful sunsets with a glass of wine in hand. Instead, they often end up with a lot of stress and costs from overseas property management. They cover constant bills, become “marketing experts” while trying to rent the property out to offset those ongoing costs.

Research shows that most holiday home owners only use their property for a maximum of 40 nights per year, yet they pay for 365...

No, in our opinion this is not what a dream looks like…

Our solution of Shared ownership enables you to enjoy certain amount of nights per year while only paying a fraction of the property's full cost. We offer you a safe, legal and easy-to-run solution for executing your dream. Fractional ownership is the answer to your needs.

Firstly, please make no mistake – this is NOT some cleverly veiled Time-Share plan. With time share you purchase the right to stay in designated holiday property for a few weeks each year, but you do not own the real estate. Fractional ownership is the joint ownership of the freehold of a luxury property where each person owns a share of it. It is yours to use, rent it out or sell it when it no longer excites you. You own this property with like-minded people and share with them responsibilities and ongoing bills. Your relationship is regulated by a legal agreement which you all initially agreed to. It is also up to you to amend and improve that agreement for mutual convenience of all participants.

It is the ideal way to own a luxurious holiday home, as it offers you the standard you require, yet eliminates the cost and hassle associated with owning and maintaining a property all year round. So, would you consider having a small property in poor location, with no view, all to your own, or have a share of luxurious property in prime location for the same money instead? When you are not occupying it – it is someone else’s problem. When it is your turn – you enjoy it to the full!

Here, on our website, you can find your dream holiday home today!

The Advantages of Fractional Ownership

  • Best available property at the lowest possible price
  • Lifestyle purchase to share with family & friends
  • Reduced running costs
  • Enjoy capital gain of bricks and mortar
  • Easy to pass on to future generations
  • Simple re-sales – proven future flexibility to sell
  • Fully maintained and serviced holiday home - peace of mind
  • Start your holiday the minute you arrive
  • No mortgage payments ever
  • Potential Holiday Rental income when you're not using your property