Fractional Ownership

How it works

Buying hoilday property through Fractional Ownership

This is where your holiday home dream come true! Fractional ownership allows you to own a private, dream holiday home today, for a fraction of the upfront and ongoing cost.

Fractional ownership holiday home

With your purchase of a fractional interest in overseas property, the majority of the costs are covered by the other co-owners. This allows you to experience the best your holiday home can offer at a fraction of the cost. This is not a timeshare where you do not really own any real estate, or some club resort, but a specific property that you truly own.

You won't find a more cost-effective way to own your dream holiday home. You can share with your family, friends and business associates.

We find the best properties, in perfect locations, with great amenities and assuring WOW factor! We bring together other like-minded co-owners, that will equally share the dream, value and benefits of co-owning their holiday home, without the typical cost and ongoing management issues that usually come with it.

Our Fractional Ownership is unique, and the concept is very simple! We bring several unrelated parties together to co-own a freehold property overseas, similar to what friends and relatives have done on their own, for decades. But, if you've ever tried to organise a group of friends to buy a holiday property that you can all agree upon, then you probably know it is virtually impossible. So, we do it for you!

We do all the work, finding like-minded parties, with the same desire to own one of our properties. Our owners are executives and professionals, high net worth individuals that prefer practicality of fractional ownership to having a holiday home on their own.

Holiday home for sale

We specialise in shared ownership with 4 owners per property. All owners have an equal stake and each owner is entitled to 3 months use per year.

Any excess time is used by your management company for property maintenance and redecorating. Owners are free to swap weeks amongst themselves or to rent the property out during their allocated time periods. This could be done through the property management company.

Ongoing property management can include comprehensive maintenance, bill paying, exchange services, bookkeeping and much more. With Fractional ownership you'll have no second home ownership worries, but enjoy all the benefits, at a fraction of the cost to you.

Imagine a place where you can relax from the moment you arrive; everything is ready, all rooms are beautifully laid out for you and your guests, and everything is in place.

Shared with like-minded owners, each of you buy a 1/4th share in a UK-registered limited company where collectively you own a beautiful property. Everyone has 12 weeks annual residency where the property is exclusively yours to enjoy.

You may arrive and depart anytime throughout your allocated period. Any owner can plan their holidays accordingly, years in advance. Owners can even swap weeks with other owners to best fit their schedules or combine multiple weeks for longer stays.

Each owner has an equal right of possession of the property. With this system, each owner is guaranteed a minimum number of weeks of use per year, assuring them their exclusive use of their property, for as much time as they would normally need and use a 2nd home, in any given year. A comprehensive Shareholders’ Agreement and set of House Rules determines the use schedule for all of the owners. However, owners are not restricted on how often, or how much they can use their property. They can swap weeks, combine weeks, and stay as long as they wish, as far as it is agreed with other co-owners.

The Company owns the house – the Shareholders own the Company

Each property we offer, is separately owned and offered independently from the others. We do not own properties listed on this website or act as real estate agents. We provide the service by organising like-minded individuals together for the purpose of jointly owing and sharing their holiday home.

Each co-owner receives an equal right of possession via owing the shares in UK-based limited company that owns the single overseas property. Not a timeshare, but real equitable ownership! Owners either have fixed dates for the use of the property throughout the year, or rotate their usage, with each owner receiving a guaranteed right to use the property every 12 weeks. However, owners can always swap weeks to best fit their schedules or combine multiple weeks for longer stays.

We have taken care of all the legal and tax issues associated with purchasing a property and created a simple purchase structure through a UK limited company on your behalf:

  1. Set up the limited company
  2. Provide Shareholders’ Agreement
  3. Set House Rules
  4. Appoint Property Accountants in the UK
  5. Appoint Property Management Company overseas

This is not an investment opportunity and we do not provide any financial or legal advice. If you are looking for investment property this is not the right website for you – please seek some qualified advice from FCA regulated specialists.

That’s our job, to arrange for you a peace of mind when it comes to your holiday home. Keeping it safe and secure, and every bit as wonderful as the last time you were here, until you return.

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